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Welcome to Look Book Inshades, where innovation meets space! Bangalore's Premier Fashion Photography Studio with the Largest Creative Space! As the leading fashion photography studio in Bangalore, we pride ourselves on providing a state-of-the-art creative space dedicated to bringing your products to life.

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Our team of experienced photographers, stylists, and visual artists are passionate about translating your brand story into captivating visuals. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to perfection, we bring your products to life.

Expertise Behind The Scene

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In marketing, I'm more than a strategist; I'm a creative chef crafting flavorful campaigns. Much like perfecting biryani, my approach blends strategy and a sprinkle of innovation.



Web Artisan & Developer

As a Web Artisan, I craft websites echoing ancient legends. Like sorcery, I blend code and creativity to build online realms that beckon and inspire




In the land of digital realms and shimmering metrics, I navigate through enchanted algorithms, casting spells of success with every click and conversion.




Guided by the whispers of the muse and fueled by boundless imagination, I breathe life into ideas, sculpting fantastical worlds.




Navigating through the pixelated forests of hashtags and viral spells, I curate stories that resonate across platforms, spinning online narratives fit for enchanted scrolls.




Like a magical troubadour of commerce and enterprise, I weave threads of innovation and insight to guide businesses toward their happily-ever-after.

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Nassu Abdu Nassir

CO Founder

 Head Of Growth Initiatives


Akhil Vijay

CO Founder

Director of Visual Arts


Ajsal Abbas

CO Founder

Meta & Google Certified Marketing Expert



CO Founder

Visual Content Creator



CO Founder

Chief Creative Conceptualist



Co Founder

Principal Business Consultant 

Feedback From Our Clients

Largest Studio in Bangalore

 "Choosing Look Book Inshades was a game-changer for us. Having the largest studio space in Bangalore meant ample room to experiment with different setups, and it truly set us apart in the market."

Surender Singh RajPurohit

Elevated Brand Presence

 "Working with Look Book Inshades has elevated our brand's visual presence. The visuals produced by the team have had a significant impact on our online engagement and sales. Highly recommended!"


Responsive and Supportive Team

 "The Look Book Inshades team is not just skilled but also incredibly responsive and supportive. They understood our vision and worked collaboratively to bring it to life. A pleasure to work with!"


Professional Team

 "The expertise of the Look Book Inshades team is evident in the quality of their work. From photographers to stylists, everyone is highly skilled and passionate about bringing out the best in our brand."


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Web Stories

Lighting Part 1 : Lighting for creatives
Nov 29, 2023 

Lighting Part 1 : Lighting for creatives

Illuminating Innovation: The Light Dome

The Light Dome served as an impeccable lighting accessory, for various content creation needs, interviews, and stunning portrait photography sessions which we have completed. This innovative tool seamlessly attaches to a Bowens Mount point-source fixture, notably enhancing lights like the Aperture Light Storm Series or the Amaran Series. By doing so, it did wonders, effortlessly converting single-source hard light into a soft, ethereal illumination, elevating the quality of your visuals to a whole new level.

Effortless Transformation

The beauty of this Light Dome lies in its transformative prowess. It effortlessly converted single-source hard light into a soft, ethereal illumination conversion has a paradigm shift—turning harsh, direct lighting into a gentle, flattering glow that enhances the visual appealed our work with exact crispness and edgy details of sharpness perfectly blended in the out.

Lighting Part 2 : Lighting Redefined
Nov 29, 2023 

Lighting Part 2 : Lighting Redefined

In the realm of visual storytelling, lighting played a pivotal role for us. The Light Dome stands as a testament to innovation and practicality, offering a simple yet profound solution to transform your lighting game. Its ability to effortlessly soften hard light elevates the quality of visuals, giving your work an edge in both aesthetics and impact.

Embrace the transformative power of the Light Dome where innovation meets illumination, unlocking a world of possibilities for your creative pursuits. Redefine your content creation, interviews, and portrait photography with exceptional lighting accessories.

The soft, diffused light created wraps around subjects like a warm embrace, creating an ambiance that enriches the depth and character of your visuals. The result? A heightened level of sophistication and finesse in our content.

Illuminating creative world, transforming visuals, and let the Light Dome guide to new heights of creative brilliance

Cannon EOS R8 : A Leap in Image Quality and Versatility
Nov 29, 2023 

Cannon EOS R8 : A Leap in Image Quality and Versatility

The Canon EOS R8 emerges as a groundbreaking addition to the Canon full-frame mirrorless lineup, boasting a remarkable 24.2MP CMOS sensor coupled with the advanced Digic X processor. This pairing results in a monumental leap in image quality, outshining its predecessor with limited dynamic range.

Image Quality Advancements

Transitioning from my trusty Sony, the Canon EOS R8 has astounded me with its notable improvements. The signal-to-noise ratio at high ISO settings and during shadow recovery showcased a significant upgrade, delivering cleaner and more detailed images. The expanded dynamic range further elevated the visual narrative, adding depth and realism to every shot.

For properly exposed photos, the need for medium noise reduction, typically above +30 in Lightroom, is minimized, especially in images captured at ISO4000 or higher. While we've primarily utilized RAW format, eager to explore cRAW's smaller file sizes, especially in low-light scenarios, a testament to the EOS R8's adaptability

Cannon EOS R8 : RF Lens
Nov 29, 2023 

Cannon EOS R8 : RF Lens

Canon's RF lens lineup with compact and lightweight marvels in the form of the RF 16mm f/2.8, RF 24mm f/1.8, and RF 50mm f/1.8 lenses. While delivering exceptional central and mid-field sharpness across their focal lengths, these lenses exhibit intriguing characteristics and considerations worth exploring which we did and captured extra-ordinary results. 

The compact build of these lenses doesn't compromise their ability to render stunning images. They did excel in delivering good to excellent sharpness at various focal lengths, ensuring exceptional performance in capturing details within the central and mid-field areas of the frame.


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